Shining light in a world of darkness.


Happiness Heroes is a non-profit that specializes in the creation of unique and memorable experiences for the community!  From the creators of Peli Peli :)

Sometimes, life isn't fair. 

There are millions of amazing people in this world who have been dealt a tough hand in life.  All we want to do through Happiness Heroes is to create a little light in a world of darkness.  

If you can dream it, we want to create it!  Anything such as proms, events, culinary experiences, and job fairs that not only put smiles on the children of our community, but allow and encourage people to volunteer and be part of the fun!  Peli Peli has been creating these experiences for years, starting with the first ever "South African Culinary Carnival" for the Sunshine Kids Foundation in 2016.  Since then, Peli Peli was involved in putting together events such as "Starry Night" for the Star of Hope Mission, and Proms for MD Anderson Cancer and Austin Independent School District. 

Our hope is that Happiness Heroes, an official 501(c)(3) non-profit, will be better prepared to create bigger, better and more frequent experiences for the community!

So how can you help?  There are 3 ways!

1.  Think of a fun idea!  In 2015, we thought it would be great to throw the biggest prom in Houston for the patients of MD Anderson Cancer Center.  Two years later, this is an annual event that ensures that no patient at MD Anderson will ever miss their prom!  If you have a great experience that we can build, submit your idea to us!

2.  Sign up to be a volunteer!  We dont like asking for money from individuals, we would rather you sign up and spend some time being part of the experience!  These memories last a lifetime and will change your perspective on life.

3.  If you are a corporate sponsor who wants to contribute to unique and meaningful events in the community, we would love your support!

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1. Happiness Wish

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3. Be a Benefactor

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